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HDHP + HSA Decision Tool

It’s open season again. Every year around this time I get questions from people about whether they should sign up for a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and save in a Health Savings Account (HSA). Like almost all personal finance questions, the answer to it is, “It...

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Life, Money, and Globetrotting – Ep.6 Worry

Worrying is something we can’t avoid completely in our globetrotting lifestyle. Even though we voluntarily take up the challenges associated with living abroad, we don’t always embrace them with positive attitudes. I think worrying is simply a natural...

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What are your financial habits?

What are your financial habits? During the last few years of marriage and transferring from one country to the next, I developed a few habits of my own that you might be able to relate to: #1: Think long and hard before purchasing what is not immediately consumed....

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What do you take with you?

Four weeks, 6,518 miles of air travel and 5,312 miles of cross-country excursion later, we are back “home” – or at least close to where we will be for the next 11 months. During our travels, I saw this exhibition in the California Trail Interpretive Center that echoed...

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Financial Planning

How to plan for your finances and engage in professional guidance

International Transactions 101

How to move your currencies around the world with ease at lower cost

Moving and Living Overseas

How to get your finances in order while moving and living overseas

Rethink Investing

How to think about your investments and what they mean to you beyond picking stocks

Retirement Planning

How to plan for post-working life while working around the world

Smart Decision Making

How to make better financial decisions with insights from behavioral research

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