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HDHP + HSA Decision Tool

Want to know exactly how much High Deductible Health Plan and Health Savings Account save or cost you? Use this tool so you make the right choice during open season.


One Page Financial Plan

Want to summarize your financial life on one page? Use this template to help you simplify everything in one view so you don’t have to remember everything in your head.


Moving Overseas Checklist

There are a lot to keep track of when you move overseas, whether the 1st or the 100th time. Here’s a checklist to make sure all your personal finance tasks are in order before your move.


Investment Property Decision Tool

You may feel the urge to own a “home” back in the US even though you currently live overseas full-time. How do you evaluate the financial benefit from such a decision? Download the tool and follow the case studies below to see whether investing in a residential property back home while living overseas is right for you.


Financial Health Assessment

Wonder whether you are in good financial health? Stop comparing to others and focus on some objective benchmarks. Here’s a quick assessment to let you know in what areas you may improve.

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