My Story

It all began 13 years ago.

I still had two years left of my college education in Taiwan. There was some sort of a vague desire to pursue a graduate degree in the US soon after. I didn’t know what I would study, what I would do with the degree, and whether I would stay or come home. It was a time of great excitement, some anxiety, and many possibilities.

Out of the blue, a quiet voice came into my head on a normal Sunday. In the years after, I came to see it as a prophecy.

“You will go to the far side of the sea…”

At that exact moment, I knew that I would go on to live in many different places far away from the hometown I grew up in, maybe for the rest of my life. It was a strange but serene epiphany moment. It didn’t suddenly drive me to seek out what this world has to offer. I just sort of accepted it matter-of-factly, even though I wasn’t really sure what it meant.

Without really planning to do so, thirteen years later, I’ve called six cities home in five countries, and expect to continue my nomad lifestyle in the foreseeable future. I’ve lived this life as a student, an employee in the local economy, a non-profit worker, a dependent, and a small business owner. I became a dual citizen with three passports, and married into a different culture. I have enjoyed the adventure and the frustration of exploring, adapting, and leaving a country, time and time again.

And I’ve learned first hand how confusing and overwhelming it is to manage your personal finances tangled with multiple countries and from afar, especially if you have any ties to the United States.

This is exactly why this blog was born – so you can find personal finance information relevant to your circumstances as a globally mobile professional, not simply a traveler. It is likely you came across this site because you are experiencing (or expecting to) some of the same issues my global community, or I, have personally encountered. As a financial planner, I hope that my knowledge and experience can be of help for those walking in my shoes, not just for my clients.

Here are another few things you need to know about this blog:

  • Investing is a major, but not the only part, of personal finance. There are abundant opinions and commentaries about the best way to invest that you can find elsewhere. In this blog, I focus on walking you through a series of important investment decisions, and what they mean to you personally, before you rush to find the next stock tip. You can find the posts in the Rethink Investing category.


  • As a financial planner trained in the US system, I write about personal finance topics from a US perspective. My target audiences are American expats living in other countries, immigrants / expats living in the US, or US citizens in general. You likely won’t be able to find any posts related to planning for people without ties with the US, although some basic principles may apply.


  • In addition to globetrotter-specific topics, I have a special interest in the behavioral aspect of our financial decisions. I believe that knowing how our brains are naturally wired will give us greater insight into how to manage our finances. You can find these posts in the Smart Decision Making category.


  • Lastly, as a practicing financial planner, I constantly think about the ideal ways for you to plan your financial steps and engage in professional guidance. You can find my reflections in the Financial Planning category.

Although I called this blog Money Matters for Globetrotters, it’s not really just about “money”. It’s about growing your personal finance acumen and wealth so you can achieve the goals you set out to accomplish in life while living your globetrotting life to the fullest.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and find what you are looking for. Please do not hesitate to leave a note to let me know your thoughts and how I may be of service in the future.

If you are interested in talking to me about getting financial planning services, check out my firm’s website and set up a call to chat.

Your fellow globetrotter,

Hui-chin Chen


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