From the very beginning of my journey as a trailing spouse, I sought out other people’s success stories. How did they maintain a happy home and a satisfying career without knowing where their spouses’ jobs are taking them next? As you may have guessed, among the top of most veteran’s list is “be flexible.”

I hate people telling me that I have to be flexible.

Overall I do think I am an easygoing person. I try to make the best of every situation. However, something stings when others tell you to be flexible. I understand the importance of flexibility and I do practice it, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

This is what leads Jodi and I to discuss in this episode how to prepare ourselves to be more flexible from without and within. We talked about:

  1. Preserving a core identity or routine that do not change to help you face other aspects life that are constantly shifting.
  2. Actively expanding your boundary to test your flexibility
  3. Planning for space and cushion in your resources so you can take the unexpected. (Check out my previous blog post on 4 ways to buy flexibility.)

Check out Jodi’s life coaching services if you are looking to develop the “core” that allow you to be more flexible and be positive about it.

Our next talk on Blab will be LIVE on July 7th at 8 am EDT. We will be discussing how to create a sense of home as we live our globetrotting lives. Please join us!


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