If you have followed this series, you will notice that Jodi and I keep coming back this theme of defining what your values are. We both believe that is the beginning of finding a solution to your problem, or coming out at the end of the tunnel.

This episode we go directly to the source – why globetrotting? Why did you start living this lifestyle, and why are you still doing it? If you can’t easily find a satisfying answer for yourself, then you’ve got a lot to figure out.

For most of us, there was a definite starting point when we made the decision to leave our old lifestyle. However, that doesn’t mean we always see clearly why we continue to do this. We all need a purpose. Trailing is not a purpose.

I think that’s why the term trailing spouse is such a controversy. When we don’t have another clear purpose for living this lifestyle, we would come to view trailing not just as a physical status, but who we are. But deep down we know that is not true, and we resent that others might view us as such.

Early this year, I had this serendipitous moment while I was struggling for another move. I asked God what is the purpose our latest new “adventure”, because at that moment, I did not feel particularly adventurous. But I got a very clear answer, almost immediately.

“You are sent.” That was the reply.

This gave me great comfort. I don’t know how much longer we will continue living this lifestyle, but I know wherever I go, there is a purpose. I will make a difference in some place or someone’s life, only because I have gone.

So whatever it is, I hope you, my fellow globetrotter, find the purpose in your global journey.



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