Did you ever feel like you just don’t “fit” in your environment? Maybe it was that first time you move to a new country, or when all your friends moved away around the same time. As globetrotters, a lot of times we cannot control whether we feel comfortable in our new surrounding. However, we are in charge of our definition of home. Jodi shared her three observations on how adaptable expats create a sense of home:

  1. Take time to reflect and live by a set of personal values and beliefs
  2. Genuinely connect with others and build community
  3. Make your physical space uniquely yours

I also discussed how buying a physical property back in your home country play into creating a sense a home and what the financial considerations are.

We ended with Jodi’s experience on how to create a sense of home not just for you, but also for your children.

I hope you enjoy this episode. We will be on a short break as we transition to our respective new city. See you again at 8am EDT on August 25th!


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