Worrying is something we can’t avoid completely in our globetrotting lifestyle. Even though we voluntarily take up the challenges associated with living abroad, we don’t always embrace them with positive attitudes.

I think worrying is simply a natural reaction facing the unknown. And as globetrotters we face unknowns. A lot. For me, the most important part of dealing with worry is recognizing it’s like your body’s immune system. You can’t tell your body to stop fighting the virus or bacteria when it invades your body. Our body does this automatically.

However, what we can do is to make sure the worries do not progress down the road of anxiety, or even fear. Worrying is like an alarm. It alerts us to focus on a new situation that we’ve never dealt with before. We shouldn’t ignore the alarm, but we shouldn’t let it ring forever.

Through our conversation, Jodi and I discovered some of the most effective ways to deal with worries:

#1: Take one step back and objectively evaluate the probability of worrisome scenarios.

#2: Prioritize and focus on the most important thing first to get you one step away from the outcome that you are worried about.

#3: Understand how your worries pop up in advance so you know how to address them when they do.

Also, sometimes addressing the true cause of your worries can increase your worries at the beginning. It’s one of the reason why many people choose to ignore them. This is perhaps where as advisor / coach we add the most value, to help you ride the waves of life.

I hope you enjoy this episode! Share with us how you deal with worries along your global journey. Stay tuned for out next LIVE stream at 9pm EDT, October 16th.


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